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Partnering and Teaming


As a Service-Connected Disabled Veteran Owned Business (SCDVOB), C.M. Technical Consulting, Inc. is available for forming teaming and joint venture arrangements with non-SCDVOBs that are interested in bidding on contracts set aside by the federal government exclusively for SCDVOBs.   

In accordance with 13 C.F.R. 125.15(b), SCDVOBs may enter into joint venture agreements with one or more non-SCDVOBs for the purpose of performing a government contract set aside for SCDVOBs.

C.M. Technical Consulting, Inc. seeks to partner with strong, viable and reliable companies to compete for federal government contracts that will spur economic growth for our nation, reduce the unemployment rate and keep our nation strong by completing work that is vital  for our national security and the American way.  

C.M. Technical Consulting, Inc. has the ability to assist American and foreign companies to set up business activities in the European Union through dual citizenship status with a European Union Country.  The European Union is a closed economic zone and is very difficult for American companies to break into.  A partnership arrangement with C.M. Technical Consulting, Inc. can greatly reduce the obstacles to creating a presence in any of the countries that form the European Union.  C.M. Technical Consulting, Inc. is interested in forming such partnership arrangements with strong, stable and viable American and non-European Union companies.  

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